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We are people like you, who want others to remember us or, if they forget us, be able to find a record of who we are or were.

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We respect your privacy. This site is designed for you to be able to control who sees your media and others control which of their media you get to see. The only personal information of yours that we share with others is information of yours that we told you in advance we would share. Primarily, the information we share is the information from your profile that we share with advertisers who have demonstrated to us that they have products and services that should be of interest to people with profiles similar to yours.

APPLIED MARKET SOLUTIONS, LLC and its alliance partners appreciate the trust you place in us when you provide us with your private information. We are committed to protecting your private information. APPLIED MARKET SOLUTIONS, LLC does not sell information about you to others who are unrelated to the services we provide to you. APPLIED MARKET SOLUTIONS, LLC sources of information about you We may collect information about you from: Information entered into or Your transactions with us (such as invoices sent to you, your payment history or individual contact information) The information we receive from your employees about your business (such as plans, competitive actions, and active initiatives) Your lawyers or financial personnel (such as contracts and/or financial reports) APPLIED MARKET SOLUTIONS, LLC uses of your personal information We treat your information with respect and concern for your privacy. We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about our customers to anyone, except as permitted by law. For example, we may share any or all information with our associates and contractors who work in some capacity with Applied Market Solutions LLC - Such as technology developers, marketing specialists, and others who assist Applied Marketing Solutions, LLC in its normal course of business. We may also disclose any or all information we have collected about you to companies that perform services on our behalf and to other financial institutions with whom we have financing agreements. When we make this type of disclosure, it is done to service your Applied Market Solutions LLC account, perform services for you, or to inform you about Applied Market Solutions LLC products and services. Before disclosing your information, we require these companies to promise to keep your information confidential and use it only for the purposes intended. Independent APPLIED MARKET SOLUTIONS, LLC affiliates Applied Market Solutions, LLC may deal with other third party service vendors. These companies have associates who are not Applied Market Solutions, LLC employees and not subject to Applied Market Solutions, LLC's Privacy Policy. AMS contracts will attempt to hold such companies responsible for protecting the confidentiality of any shared information but AMS is not responsible for any breaches of such security clauses in our contracts with third-parties. Also, if these third-parties have unique business relationships with you, they may have additional personal information about you that Applied Market Solutions LLC does not have. They may use this information differently than Applied Market Solutions LLC, may not be under the control of Applied Market Solutions LLC’s contracts, and will not be subject to this policy. Contact these lenders and vendors to learn more about their privacy policies. Information about APPLIED MARKET SOLUTIONS, LLC web sites This customer policy applies only to customers and users of Protecting your personal information from unauthorized access (AMS) does encrypt passwords and email addresses to protect those from prying eyes. This website and its server programs use code created by ImageMagick Studio LLC.


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